Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering


Major in Mechanical Engineering/CAD/CAM

Department of Mechanical Engineering/CAD/CAM teaches the theory and practice behind high-precision engineering technology and helps students improve their designing skills using computer programs. The Department offers programs featuring experiments and practical field work in fields such as advanced computer designing, precision machinery technology, mold design, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D Total Solution, reverse engineering, high-precision engineering technology, etc. to make sure students can adapt to different circumstances and environments in the field. By doing so, the Department aspires to equip students with the adaptability and practical skills that translate in workplaces that produce aircrafts, automobiles, robots, and other modern machinery. It also hopes to raise the competency level of students in terms of designing, manufacturing, and applying production automation, plant automation aspects. Ultimately, the Department aims to produce mid-level expert technicians with the right creativity to serve a vital role in today’s cutting-edge society.

Major in Automotive Mechanical Engineering/Automotive Tuning and Maintenance

The Department of Automotive Mechanical Engineering develops technical experts for the automotive and mechanical industry of the 21st century by teaching the latest theory and offering practical field lessons relevant to the automotive and mechanical engineering field. It has specializations - automotive repair and inspection, automotive tuning, automotive mechanical design, mechanical engineering, automotive industry management - and uses cutting-edge equipment to provide high-quality education.