Industrial-academy Cooperation

Industrial-academic Cooperation Group



Operational Objectives

The Industrial-academic Cooperation Group helps the University build competitiveness by establishing an industrial-academic cooperation system that links local corporations to the University and its departments. Moreover, the Group improves the industrial-academic cooperation system, which is linked with student education, to improve the efficiency of industrial-academic cooperation-related operations and to offer better career counseling for enrolled students.

Industrial-academic Cooperation Group Organization


Core Responsibilities

  1. Produce professionals equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the field
    • Participate in the projects financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
    • Participate in various projects related to Gumi-si
    • Execute joint projects with the Small and Medium Business Administration
  2. Offer support for research
    • Commission intra-University projects to support research and support the publication of research papers
  3. Operate an Employment Information Center
    • Offer career counseling and special lectures on employment opportunities
    • Offer guidance for practical field training
    • Find employers and research career counseling methods
  4. Carry out projects to stimulate industrial-academic-government cooperation
    • Host Jokgu (foot-volleyball) competitions to bring corporations, the University, and the government together