PresidentJeong Chang-joo

Gumi University fosters technical experts who will lead advanced technology in Korea in the future.

Gumi University has targeting at fostering competent and creative technical experts who can adapt to the changes of the 21st century social environment, and has produced many outstanding individuals in the society.

All the faculty and school personnel of Gumi University make efforts to fill the hearts of the young generation with dreams, so that they, intimidated by the stiff entrance examination system depending on grades, can have great aspirations and beautiful dreams to serve the society.

For the great and staunch dreams of the young with infinite potentials to come to fruition, our university has worked with utmost sincerity; and we are confident that our university makes efforts for the dreams of the young to ripen.

Gumi University is in the largest high-tech industrial city Gumi, located on the riverside of Nakdonggang at the foot of Yeongnam’s famous Mt. Geumosan with the vital force of Mt. Baekdusan; and it fosters technical experts who will lead advanced technology in Korea in the future in close cooperation with the industry, Gumi and local community in the lively and creative atmosphere of this city.

To fulfill the great aspiration to cultivate competent individuals who will devote themselves to the country and human society in the 21st century, the conversion stage of globalization and informatization, the university develops and provides the best educational programs for consumers to reform into advanced intellectuals with personality.

See our efforts and will in the cyber campus of Gumi University.

President,Jeong Chang-joo