Educational Objectives


Foundational Philosophy

Devote energy in technical education that can help develop mid-level technicians and managers who play critical roles in the field of industrial technology. Deliver character-building education to cultivate good character and establish good decent values. By doing so, develop diligent individuals equipped with the pride befitting the experts they are in their respective fields, enabling them to use their creativity to serve as leaders in our society.


Educational Objectives

Based on the foundational philosophies of education in Korea, Gumi University’s foundational policy for education is to allow students to learn and research the expert theoretical knowledge as well as skills required in the development of industries across the nation, and ultimately produce professionals our country requires over the course of its development. Specifically, it has the following educational objectives in producing expert personnel:
  • 01

    Produce professionals equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the field

  • 02

    Develop adaptability among students in response to globalization and liberalization

  • 03

    Cultivate capabilities in information and technology to help students keep pace with the informatization of industries today

  • 04

    Produce talented individuals with the character to develop local cultures