Admission Guide

Information on Documents for Submissions for Foreigners

Foreigners must submit the following documents to Office of International Affairs before entering the university.

Marriage immigrants

* If you did not acquire Korean citizenship and is about to enter the university, you need to fill out the application for admission and submit the following papers additionally.
  1. High-school diploma + transcript
    • If a university graduate, this can be replaced by the diploma and transcript of the highest level of education.
  2. A copy of supporting evidence of Korean proficiency - (must be TOPIK Level 3 or above)
    • If not able to prove Korean proficiency as you are a marriage immigrant or ethnic Koreans from China, please attach the interview score card (referred to attached sample) of department professor for submission.
  3. A copy of passport
  4. A copy of certificate of alien registration (front and back)
  5. Certificate of family relations
For international students studying at own expense, we may request additional documents according to the nationality.
* If you have already acquired Korean citizenship, you can submit supporting evidence of high school graduation to the admissions office.

Contact us

  • Office of International Affairs (Main Building of Gumi University 2F)
  • Mr.Ikhwan Kim
  • TEL. +82-54-440-1117 / FAX. +82-54-440-1317