University Highlights

01A university with no concerns over future employment - the no. 1 university in the country in job placement rate for five consecutive years

  • 2014: 83.0% (‘A’ Group: Minimum 2,000)
  • 80.5% in 2013, 84.7% in 2012, 83.8% in 2011, 85.7% in 2010 (‘B’ Group: 1,000 ~ 2,000 persons)
  • 98.4% in 2004, 99.1% in 2003, 98.7% in 2002, 98.2% in 2001, 98.0% in 2000
  • The no. 1 vocational university in the country in job placement rate, received “Most Outstanding” grade in the evaluation for vocational universities by department (2004)

02A world-class university!

The World Class College (WCC) project is a government-supported initiative. Being selected as a WCC is one of the best honors for a vocational university. In a comprehensive evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Education to find the top vocational universities in terms of vocational education and training, Gumi University received outstanding marks across all evaluation categories, including the capacity for specialized education, industrial-academic cooperation, and global competitiveness, thanks to academic programs that stood head and shoulders above other universities. Based on such excellent results, it was selected as a WCC.

03A specialized vocational university acknowledged by the government

  • A partner organization for the Electronic Commerce Resource Center (ECRC)
  • An accredited institution under the Information Technology Qualification (ITQ) system
  • An expert academic institution for web programmers (WTC)
  • A testing location for the Information Technology Capacity Accreditation program for elementary school/middle school teachers
  • An accredited institution for EMC testing

04A university that offers innovative welfare benefits

  • Cutting-edge living facilities: Dormitory facilities capable of accommodating all students who apply for lodging, dedicated computer labs
  • Commuter buses (Gumi, Daegu, Gimcheon, Chilgok, Waegwan, Yakmok, Sangju, Seonsan, Mungyeong, Seongju)
  • Open computer training rooms, internet cafe
  • Gym, Jokgu (foot-volleyball) pitch, driving range (golf), table tennis facilities
  • English classes with visiting professors (foreign nationals), overseas university/education programs
  • Air-conditioning/heating at all lecture halls
  • Cutting-edge urethane track and grass athletics pitch

05A university that actively interacts with overseas organizations to develop “global” talent

  • Overseas exchange: Shenyang Education Committee (China), LiaoCheng University (Shandong Province, China), Taylor’s College and Help University College (Malaysia), Charles Sturt University (Australia), University of Newcastle (Australia), Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Overseas practical field training/education and job placement programs
  • Overseas volunteer service activities

06A university that offers easier access to 4-year universities

  • Partnership agreements: Hanbat National University, Hannam University, Joongbu University, Seowon University, Pai Cai University, Youngdong University. Partnership agreements with Woosong University, Kumho National Institute of Technology, Yeungnam University, Daegu University, Catholic University of Daegu, Keimyung University, Silla University, Gyeongsang National University
  • Cooperating universities: Kyungpook University

07A university where 95% of all enrolled students receive scholarships

  • For three consecutive years, more than 70% of all tuitions have been paid with scholarships (achieved the target of funding two-thirds of all tuitions with scholarships)
  • For five consecutive years, the university has offered “half-price” tuitions
  • 95% of all enrolled students receive scholarships
  • The university offers a scholarship program for working students