4 Major Development Strategies

IT Characteristics

  • IT regional base university growing together with Gumi Industrial Complex
  • Cultivation of technical experts in IT industry
  • Promotion of IT-specialized departments
  • Establishment of status as regional university

Vocational Education

  • Activation of experiment and practice
  • Improvement of educational conditions and environment
  • Education focusing on consumers
  • Reinforcement of students’ employment
  • Personality and refinement education
  • Special lectures for certification
  • Multimedia education environment
  • Employment lectures program

Industry-Academic Cooperation

  • Establishment of the base university of future-oriented industry-academic cooperation
  • Joint research of teaching materials and curriculum
  • Field placement, consultant service
  • Invitation of adjunct professors in business


  • University with future-oriented global model
  • Education cultivating global mind of students
  • Exchange programs of overseas businesses and universities
  • Overseas training in universities of quality
  • Global internship