Faculty of Aviation


Department of Helicopter Maintenance

The Department of Helicopter Maintenance was established in order to supply a steady stream of highly capable helicopter maintenance technicians. It trains outstanding non-commissioned technical officers with a specifically tailored curriculum that features lessons on theory and practical work. Moreover, thanks to a scholarship offer for non-commissioned officers, a large number of students enrolled in the Department may receive a scholarship (full tuition support for year-2). The Department of Helicopter Maintenance is a specialized military academic department with a promising future where students can work as essential cogs in the maintenance field for supply, reconnaissance, and attack helicopters used in the aviation sector.

Department of Aircraft Maintenance

The Department of Aircraft Maintenance features a curriculum tailored to the development of expert personnel in aircraft maintenance and production. It also offers free language programs and special lecture programs for major subjects to help students hone their skillset for airline companies.

Department of Avionics

The Department of Avionics is a department that develops personnel that will lead key initiatives promoted by the government. It trains maintenance technicians for the private and military avionics sector and communication systems MRO industry, and other essential personnel in the manufacturing of aircrafts such as those developed as part of the KFX project.