Faculty of Industry Management


Major in Smart Management

The Major in Smart Management focuses on practical education, occupational education, and global specialization to equip students with capabilities required in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. It offers classes on theory, and practical training students need in the workplace to make sure they perform their duties in marketing, distributions management, financial and funds management, production and quality management successfully in the field. Ultimately, the program aims to produce highly capable, professional business managers for various industries.

Department of Tax Accounting

The Department of Tax Accounting trains highly competent, mid-level professionals equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical ability required in the field. The program teaches the basic academic theory on corporate accounting and tax accounting, and practical skills using computerized accounting software to ensure students are up to par with requirements of today’s 21st-century digital information-age society.

Major in Industrial Management

The Major in Industrial Management aims to help students find employment in large corporations and financial institutions with stable career prospects. It teaches various theoretical subjects and case studies on management which students can use in plenty of different applications in the field. The program also teaches techniques students can use in the workplace immediately, and helps them earn professional certificates. By doing so, the program aims to produce proud and competent mid-level managers that do not have to worry about career paths in today’s globalized, information age.