Faculty of Nursing & Health


Department of Nursing Science

Based on love and respect for human life and the willingness to serve others, the Department of Nursing Science develops nursing professionals with an outstanding sense of duty. The Department trains students with the required scientific knowledge, professional knowledge, and a professional code of ethics to ensure students can offer medical care for patients, keep them in optimum health, and ultimately help improve the level of public health in the country.

Department of Dental Hygiene

The Department of Dental Hygiene teaches expert knowledge and techniques developed to improve public oral hygiene. It also offers clinical training to instill a sense of respect for people and a code of professional ethics. By doing so, the Department produces dental hygienists qualified to perform preventive dental treatment and facilitate dental treatment at clinical testing sites for dentistry, public dental hygiene-related workplaces, or work as hospital coordinators, oral hygiene education specialists, etc.

Department of Occupation Therapy Brain

In today’s highly industrialized society, the incidence rates for industrial disasters and occupational disabilities, disabilities caused by traffic accidents and illnesses/diseases, etc. are skyrocketing. Moreover, mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, autism, etc. are also becoming more prevalent. The ‘Department of Occupation Therapy Brain’ produces professional occupational therapists armed with the appropriate expert knowledge and practical experience to ensure patients can regain meaning in their lives by helping them, live independently as possible and happily as possible. It trains students so that they can facilitate expert rehabilitative care and occupational rehabilitation for patients leading limited lives due to bodily damage, illness, mental and social illness, psychological and emotional illnesses, developmental and learning disabilities, in addition to poor environmental conditions.

Department of Physical Therapy

Gumi University is a service provider for the Gumi City Geriatric Hospital. It also features high-tech practical learning facilities, a rehabilitation care center, and a streamlined, one-stop practical learning system. Thanks to these features, it offers an in-house clinical training network that stands out compared to other institutions. Moreover, the University selects a group of students for its Global Learning Group as part of its Educational Capacity Building Project for Professional Colleges Producing Outstanding Human Resources and sends them to experience rehabilitation systems used overseas first-hand. It is your time to serve the community. Become a physical therapist for a fruitful, lifelong career.

Department of Health and Medical Administration

The Department of Health and Medical Administration produces professionals in the field of health and medical administration services e.g. hospital administrators, health teachers, international medical tourism coordinators, insurance adjusters, etc. It teaches a wide range of subjects and service skills related to the medical field trains them into medical service professional equipped with the necessary medical marketing capabilities. Given the absolute lack of professional personnel in the field, the Department of Health and Medical Administration is a promising choice for the future.

Department of Speech and Language Rehabilitation

Language is the most fundamental aspect of human development. Nevertheless, language-related issues can emerge at any age, meaning studies in this field can be applied to a vast range of different fields. In fact, language rehabilitation is an absolutely necessary support area required when supporting education, medical services, welfare services, and even multi-cultural families. The Department offers plenty of career prospects and start-up opportunities, so students do not have to worry about employment early in their careers and they do not have to worry about retirement at the end of their careers!