Faculty of Beauty and Health


Major in Hair and Makeup Beauty Design

The Department of Hair and Makeup Beauty Design produces professionals with the scientific knowledge and artistic designing skills required in the hair, makeup, and beauty industry. The Department aims to instill good working skills, great taste, a variety of expressive skills and help students improve their capabilities and potential as stylists (hair, makeup, manicure, etc.). To do so, the Department offers a field and practical work-oriented curriculum for students.

Major in Therapeutic Skin Care

The Department of Therapeutic Skin Care develops successful beauty therapists equipped with expert knowledge in makeup, manicure, skincare, obesity management, medical skincare, spa therapy, etc. In particular, the Department offers a national-level certificate program interfaced with the NCS system. With this program, students can earn a professional certificate on makeup (nationally acknowledged) while still at school. Thanks to outstanding practical skills in skincare and makeup, students are finding work at popular brands, cosmetic companies, dermatology clinics, and hotel resorts/spas in Korea and abroad. The Department is also increasing its overseas internship program for undergraduate students to facilitate more overseas job placements.

Major in Sports and Health Management

The Department of Sports and Health Management aims to produce highly competent everyday sports teachers/coaches capable of scientifically and systematically teaching everyday sports to students and adults. The Department has programs tailored to specific majors - personal protection and Taekwondo; everyday sports; golf; personal training and exercise prescription. This allows students to tailor their education to their interests. Upon graduation, students receive a teaching license for physical education (practical teaching) at the middle school level.