Faculty of Global Tour and Airlines and Food


Major in Hotel Culinary Art and Bakery

The Department of Hotel Culinary Art and Bakery aims to develop culinary experts who can spearhead the globalization of Korea’s hotel industry, which has been touted as one of the major strategic industries in the 21st century. As part of the program, students learn the fundamental knowledge and advanced skills required in the industry. The Department offers customized practical education to equip students with professional culinary and baking skills in a systematic and scientific way to make sure they can become experts for the hotel, dining, and baking industries.

Major in Hotel and Tourism

The Major in Hotel and Tourism provides basic theoretical education on hotel and tourism, language education required in the field, practical and field education to produce expert personnel in the hotel and tourism field. Students who graduate from the program can work as professionals in hotels, travel agencies, airlines, casinos, and restaurants, all of which are industries promoted as strategic industries by advanced economies around the world.
  • Opened a collaborative course with Best Western Korea, one of the largest hotel chains in the world
  • Opened a collaborative employment-guarantee course with Outback Steakhouse
  • Opened a collaborative employment-guarantee course with The Born Korea (guaranteed overseas work placement: China, USA, Japan)

Major in Food and Nutritional Sciences

Given the fact that recent dining and culinary trends are tilting towards health and nutrition, the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences offers a program geared heavily towards practical education on well-being dining and cooking, confectionery (pastry chefs), coffee brewing (baristas), or food and beverages. By doing so the Department is aiming to produce expert chefs, pastry chefs, and coffee baristas who can lead the dining and culinary culture in today’s era of well-being food. In terms of practical training for dining and cooking subjects, students can choose from Hansik (Korean cuisine), western, Chinese, Japanese, cooking for start-ups. As for confectionery subjects, students choose between bread, confectionery, cakes, and cafe deserts. Otherwise, students can select coffee barista and latte art classes. As an added bonus, students enrolled in this program can become certified cooks (Hansik, western, Japanese, Chinese), or earn confectionery/bakery/coffee barista certificates, or a food hygiene specialist license.

Major in Foreign Language

The 21st century requires talented individuals equipped with the linguistic ability, a cosmopolitan outlook, and international knowledge suited for today’s globalized world. Given such demand for international specialists, the Major in Foreign Language develops globalized professionals equipped with the appropriate foreign language skills and international business acumen, both of which are prerequisites on the global stage.